Halifax Student Housing Society

Peter Green Hall

HSHS Board of Directors and Committees

HSHS Board of Directors

President - Md Tahazzud Hossain

Vice President -

Executive Secretary - Qianni Hu

Treasurer - Ayodeji Adedeji

Children's Centre Chair -

Membership Chair -

Personnel Chair -

Director - Reda Asharef

Director - Shadi Shehadeh

Director - Reza Tafreshi

Director - Rory Campbell

Director - Abdulhakim Hussain

Community Director -

Dalhousie Rep - Dean Martin

Dalhousie Rep - Eleanor Crowell

Dalhousie Rep - Greg McNutt

The existence of the Society is dependent on the contribution of its members. Each member is expected to contribute to the society in some way in order for the society to maintain an affordable rent level and family atmosphere. Members can contribute to the society by becoming a Board or Committee member or volunteering or participating in other areas. The members of the Board of Directors are a group of people responsible not for the day-to-day running of the society, but for governing it. The day-to-day operations are taken care of by several full time employees of the Society.


The Building and Operations Committee
It is responsible for the physical facilities, maintenance, security and safety of the building.
Finance Committee
It oversees the operation and capital budget, investments, insurance and all other financial aspects of the Society.
Personnel Committee
It is in charge of personnel policy, staff relationships and employee contracts and assists the Property Manager and Childcare Director in hiring staff.
Children's Centre Committee
It advises on the policy and administration of the children's centre.
Membership Committee
It coordinates social events for children and adults in order for the members to get to know each other better and therefore create a family atmosphere in the building.
No previous experience or background is required because support is available.

Mandatory Member Involvement

It is mandatory for members to attend one of two annual meetings each year. This is where by-law changes are made and a volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the Membership.